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Create your first theme

Create your first theme

To create your first theme, the best way is to duplicate the default theme of the frontend or of the backend if you are creating an admincp theme, this tutorial focus on creating a frontend theme and same can be apply to backend theme

Create a folder

create your theme folder at themes/frontend/ call it test  and copy the content of default theme into this folder and edit the info.php file as showing below

Give your theme a name , author nam and little description of the theme and its version

Now lets move to the loader.php , with ths file you can register your assets files like css, js e.t.c to be loaded, please check Useful functions to know about registering asset files with register_asset()  function , you can check the loader.php of the default and see how css and js files are been registered

Activate your theme

Go to your admin panel to activate your theme via appearance -> themes -> frontend

Now you have your first theme created.

Customize your theme

Customizing your involves you working with the view files, css , js files and so on

To work with view files please our tutorial that explain how to use views or template files

Mostly the view files contain html codes and little php codes depend on the template file , you can check any of this file and manipulate

If you have any question on how to do a particular thing you can contact us , we either give you the reply as a tutorial or we create the tutorial and reply you with the tutorial link

Feel free to contact us

Thanks for reading

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