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Google settings Instruction

How To Setup Google FCM

FCM is used for push notification which you need to setup on android studio and your website. First register your FCM account at https://console.firebase.google.com/ and create a project for your app as show in the image below

Open the newly created project to your credential details, which you will provide to us when create a app build request. Follow the below steps

  • Open the newly created project for your site
  • As show in image below, click on the settings icon -> project settings to get the details
  • Click on CLOUD Message  tab to get the FCM Web Api Key
  • Take note of the Server Key as FCM Web Api Key  you will provide that for the app setup as shown in the image below
  • Now click on add app, if you have not added the android app before as show in the image below.
  • Select Add Firebase to your Android app 
  • In the package name type com.procrea8.sitename  please replace sitename with your domain For example : mysite.com the package name will be com.procrea8.mysite 
  • Now click the add App button
  • Now download the google-service.json file and attach with the app build request as shown below
  • Provide these details in your app setup request as show below

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