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How to Create and use Google Translator

                                                         How to Create and Use Google Translator


This option will guide you on how to create and use google translator in other to translate your language to any other languages in Crea8social 7. In other to do this you have to foolow the steps below.

You can watch the video below to know how to do this 


  • Login to https://cloud.google.com/translate/ to registered and if you have google account login  and click on try Free.

  • Login with your username or create account and click on Next.

  • Click on” Create Project”.

  • Click on the logo Google APIs to open the API services, and then click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES.

  • In the library, search for Cloud Translation API. Click on it and then click on Enable.

  • You will then need to enable the billing (Your billing details should be already set; if not, set them now.)

  •  Click on Credentials in the left menu, and then click on API Key.

  • Click on the “API KEYS”

  • You can copy the API key or click on regenerate to generate another key.

  • Then  Login into your website and Click on “Admincp”

  • Click on “Settings”

  • Click on “Site Settings”

  • Click on “Translator”

  • Put the Button on (translate text), Choose Google from Translation method and paste the copied API Key from google cloud  site and click on save to save your Settings.

Thanks for Reading this.

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