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How to Create and use Microsoft Translator

                                                                              How to Create and Use Microsoft Translator


This option will guide you on how to create and use microsoft translator in other to translate your language to any other languages in Crea8social 7. In other to do this you have to follow the steps below.

You can watch the video below to know how to do this 


  • Login to https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us// to registered and click on  Free  account

  • Click on “Start Free” to Registered or login if you already have Microsoft Azure account.

  • Fill the “Form” to “Registered and add your credit card for further subscription.

  • After finishing with registration, login with your username into the Azure Portal.

  • Click on “Create a Resource”

  • Type a Translator Text in the marketplace search box.

  • Click on “Create”

  • Fill the FORM and Click on Create to finish the creation (Don’t forget to select your subscription according to your plan e.g. Free Trial). 

  • Click on the “Notification Icon” to go to Resource  Management”.

  • Click on go to “Resource”.

  • Click on “KEYS” to get your API KEYS.

  • Copy the “API KEYS” .

  • Login into your site “Admincp”

  • Click on “Settings”

  • Click on “Site Settings”

  • Click on “Translator”

  • Click on Translator Key Icon and select Microsoft from Translator Method, then place the copied API KEY 1 and 2  where necessary .

  • Click on SAVE SETTINGS.

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