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How to Setup Amazon S3 as Your CDN Servers

Amazon S3 CDN

This section explains how to setup amazon S3 as one of your CDN servers. In other to use Amazon S3 CDN you will need to provide the following details in the admin panel and details on how to get them will be explain below


  • Amazon bucket name
  • Amazon S3 Key ID
  • Amazon S3 Secret access key

Below i will explain on how to get each of this details one after the other. Go to https://www.amazon.com/ap/signin if you already have account login with your details or signup for a new account. After successful login follow these instructions to get the details

Click S3 as shown in the image below

Amazon bucket name

Create a amzon bucket in the image shown below and take note of the name for the admin panel settings

Amazon Key ID and Secret Access Key

This section explain how you will get the key ID and secret access details, click on the security credentials show in the image below and follow further instructions or step from Amazon

Now after gotten the details, follow the steps below to create a new CDN server:

  • Login to the Admincp

  • From the left menu, click on “Maintenance”, and the click on on “CDN Servers” from the dropdown



  • Click on “Add New Server”


  • Select Engine

If you select “Hosted CDN”
  • Enter Server Name

  • Enter Endpoint URL
  • Name


If you select “Amazon S3”
  • Enter “Server Name”
  • Enter “Server Description”
  • Enter “Amazon S3 Bucket Name”
  • Enter “Amazon S3 Key ID”
  • Enter “Amazon S3 Secret Access Key”
  • Enter “Amazon S3 Endpoint URL”
  • Click on the button “Add Server” to save your settings

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