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How to Setup Email

This option allow you to Setup email in order to sen and receive email from all users, all notifications messages will be send to your mail as well .

How To Setup Email

Watch the following video to learn how to setup email:

You can also go through the following steps:

  • Login to the Admincp

  • From the left menu, click on “Settings”


  • Click on “Email Settings/Email templates



  • Enter the name you want the emails from system come from in the field
  • Enter the address you want the emails from the system to come from in the field
  • Select a driver for the emails to get sent through, when you select SMTP server make sure you setup other settings below
  • Enter your SMTP Host, for example localhost
  • Enter your SMTP Username in the field


  • Enter your SMTP Password in the field
  • Default 25, Also common once is 587
  • Select if you want to use ssl or tls in the dropdown
  • Select your desire email Hash Expire Time
  • Then  click “Save Settings”save your settings



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