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How to Setup FFMPEG

This options will allow you to upload video through ffmpeg,for you to be able to do this you have to take the following steps.

You can watch the following video to have more knowledge .

You can also follow the instructions below.

Firstly go to this link www.ffmpeg.org  to download the ffmpeg file which you will later upload to your cpanel.

Login to your “cpanel” and click on the “File Manager”

  • Click on “Pulic_html”.


  • Click on “+ Folder” to create a folder and name the folder “Bin”

  • Open the “Bin” folder created and then click on “Upload” to upload the ffmpeg file downloaded.Click on Reload to refresh and open the file you upload.

  • Right click on the ffmpeg file and click on change permission  and click on all to change the number to 777, then click on change permission to save your change.

  •  Click on “+File” to create a php file and give it any name you like,

  • Create a file like this and click on create file.

  • Right click on the php folder and click on “edit” , after that you have to put this in the file and click on save changes.

  • Go to your site and type your site name e.g www.examole.com/bin/dir.php then send, you will now copy the link that show, Then you will now login to your site “Admincp”

  • Click on “Settings”

  • Click on “Site Settings”

  • Click on “Video”





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