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How to Setup Firebase

This option will teach you how to setup your Firebase Server.

You can watch the following video to have more knowledge ,Or

You can also follow the instructions below.

  • Go to www.firebase.com to registered your server.
  • Click on Go to Console.


  • Click on Add Project.

  • Type the name of your project and Click on Create Project.

  • Click on “Continue”

  • Click on the code to get your API keys and other code you need.

  • Copy all this code because you are going to need them.

  • Click on”Setting” icon for additional key

  • Click on :Project Settings”

  • Click on “Cloud Messaging”

  • Scroll down and click on “Generate Key Pair”

  • Copy the generated code.


  • Place it where Firebase Public Vapid Key is in your Firebase settings. 

  • Login to your site and go to “Admincp”

  • Click on “Settings”

  • Click on “Integrations”

  • Click on “Firebase”

  • Put each on the copied code Accordingly and Click on “Save Settings” after, then your Firebase Setup is Ready.

Thanks for reading.



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