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How to Setup LiveStreaming Server

This option will let you know how to setup the server before you can start live streaming.

To be able to do this, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Go to www.firebase.com to registered your server.
  • Click on Go to Console.

  • Click on Add Project.

  • Type the name of your project and Click on Create Project.

  • Click on Database

  • Click on Rules.

  • You clear auth and null from read and write and write “TRUE” on both side.

  • Click on Simulator and click on “RUN”.

  • Click on ¬†Publish.

  • Click on Write and then click on Run.
  • Click on “Data”

After that you will go to your website and do the following

  • Click on “Admin cpanel”


  • Click on “Manage¬†Features”


  • Click on “LiveStreams“.


  • Click on “Server”.


  • Click on ‘add Server”.


  • Change the Sever type to www.firebase.com And Change the Server name to the one you copy from your “FIREBASE SERVER”

  • Then Change the other ones.


The server are ready for live streaming now.

Thanks for reading

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