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How to Setup Payment Gateway

Enabling/Disabling PayPal Payment Gateway

This option allow you to Enable and Disable Paypal Payment Gateway as your payment option on the website, you can also as well know how to Setup the payment gateway .

To enable or disable PayPal as your payment gateway:

This video will show you how to enable paypal payment gateway,

Or you can follow the steps below.

  • Login to the Admincp

  • From the left menu, click on “Settings”


  • Click on “Integrations”


  • Select “Default Currency”
  • Check “Yes” to enable PayPal Payment Gateway
  • Enter “PayPal Gateway Corporate Email Address”
  • Enter “Paypal Gateway Notification Email Address”

To enable or disable Stripe as your payment gateway: 

  • Check “Yes” to enable Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Enter “Stripe Secret Key”
  • Enter “Stripe Publishable Key”


  • Then click on ‘Save Settings” to save your settings


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